Cognito Breakfast Byte: Social Media in B2B Financial Services Reply

The lovely folks over at Cognito have invited me to be a panelist at their next Breakfast Byte on March 28th. I look forward to a great discussion with the audience and my fellow panelists!



Attention digital marketers! Google Panda: 10 questions answered 1

1. What is it? No one (including Google) says it better than Wikipedia who say: Google
 is a change to the Google’s search results ranking algorithm that was first released in February 2011. The change aimed to lower the rank of “low-quality sites”, and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results.

What I say: An algorithm is a step by step procedure used for calculations. Remember that the change to Google’s algorithm is based on the *human* testing of thousands of websites for quality. The aim behind Panda is to ensure searches return you quality sites…..sites that deserve to be high in search rankings.

2. Why did Google implement it? It’s all about survival. More…

Great Meetup: Adaptive Web Design: Does Size Matter? 2

Last night I dropped in to the Innovation Warehouse after work to attend @DigitalPondUK’s cleverly named Meetup: Adaptive Web Design: Does Size Matter?

Why did I go?

What’s a Digital Pond Meetup? “The Digital Pond is a meetup community welcoming all those from a digital discipline wanting to learn more or build networks with others within the industry.”

Adaptive Web Design: Does Size Matter

Thursday March 1st Meetup @The Innovation Warehouse: Adaptive Web Design: Does Size Matter?

Once upon a time I was a web designer. While it’s something I’ve always maintained an interest in, as a digital marketing specialist my curiosity extends into User Experience (UX) which is specifically what this Meetup was aimed at.

I work with a few UX designers and have always been fascinated by right-brain/left-brain way they approach their work. The strict processes they develop and follow mixed with the seriously impressive creative flair they all demonstrate on a daily basis never fails to draw me in. Our office walls are decorated with some of the prettiest, most eloquent flow charts, wireframe sketches and narrative journey maps you’ll ever see.

UX & Digital Marketing More…

Pinterest for the B2B tech marketeer: Part II: Let it appeal to your creative side Reply

In Pinterest for the B2B tech marketeer: Part I: Think about your customers & prospects, I noted that as a technical marketing person Pinterest may not necessarily appeal to your prospects, you may, as a social media enthusiast, find it a useful creative tool for reasons such as these:
board on Pinterest

  • Creating your own supporting visuals in the form of infographics, videos, slideshare cover slides charts or basically any image that “tell the story themselves” for blogs.
  • Creating and/or building up new concepts and fields
  • Creating mood boards
  • Promoting events

Your images & videos on Pinterest

Pinterest has been a great reminder to me that some of the best, most easily digested blogs posts are the highly visual ones, particularly the ones that contain images that illustrate the point of the post.

Creating your own infographics is a great way to make your blog posts invaluable, and “pinning” the  visuals that live in your posts to a board in More…

Pinterest for the B2B tech marketeer: Part I: Think about your customers & prospects 2

This has not been an easy post to write. In the end, I realised I didn’t have enough Pinterest knowledge or Pinterest...what's a tech B2B marketer to go?experience to write about why it was useful, useless or anything in between.  Never one to be left behind when it comes to social media trends, I joined Pinterest towards the end of 2011 but hadn’t really explored its uses.

So I jumped in and More…

How to Fuel Your Video Content Machine and Keep it Running (Reuters Webinar) Reply

No, I don’t work for Reuters, I promise 🙂 But today I got an invite to their next complimentary webinar and I thought it was well worth posting about. Fuel Your Video Content - Reuters Webinar

My Biggest Marketing Challenges?

I often get asked what some of my biggest marketing challenges are. Aligning sales and marketing is one that I used to often list, but these days it’s definitely all about keeping the content machine going whether it’s written content or video clips and webinars.

I find that with the extra volume expectation placed on me by social media channels, the biggest marketing challenge becomes feeding these channels with unique content. More…

Reuters launches a new social media hub! Reply

Reuters’ new social media hub, the “Social Pulse” is well worth checking out.

Reuters Social Pulse

I’m all for social media hubs that I can visit while doing my morning RSS reading sweep, and this hub allows you not only to see what Reuters’ deems as “hot”, but also the tweets of the people Reuters’ actually *follows*.

The Facebook activity panel on the right side of the screen seems a bit out of place however, and the “Most Social CEO’s” panel isn’t really specific enough to catch my interest (CEO’s tend to write about their businesses, and like everyone, my business interests are specific).

The best feature by far has to be the Twitter directory of all of Reuters’ tweeting journalists.

Latest changes to LinkedIn’s Privacy Settings Reply

Don’t want LinkedIn to use your name and picture in their advertisements? Follow the instructions in the LinkedIn mail I received from a colleague today:


Date: 1/30/2012

Subject: FW: LinkedIn changes privacy settings

On 01/29/12 5:46 PM, wrote:
Dear all,

I received the following message from a contact and I am forwarding it for your awareness and consideration.

Without attracting too much publicity, LinkedIn has updated their privacy conditions. Without any action from your side, LinkedIn is now permitted to use you name and picture in any of their advertisements.
(See ch. 2 of their privacy policy: )

Some simple actions to be considered: More…