This week’s best reads

I’ve decided to add a new category called “This week’s best reads” just to highlight some of the amazing material I come across on a weekly basis – I promise to keep it all relevant this blog and will not be directing you to some of my usual web haunts (I’ll admit it, I love those photos of baby pandas as much as the next gal and my husband does send me some LOL articles from the

Here we go – my best reads from this week:

  • Only 13% of B2B Marketers Drive Leads with Social Media@ilonah tweeted this article and I was intrigued as I’d just sat on the panel for PR Firm Cognito’s Breakfast Byte (Topic: Social Media in B2B Financial Services) and in the audience were a lot of B2B Marketers curious about how to better to drive leads using social media. I am not surprised that only 13% of B2B marketers feel social media is driving leads, but what was missing from this survey was quite a large comparison category – that being corporate websites.
Source: As noted in image. Taken from
  • Innovation Takes Creativity (and Commitment): I read this on Monday with great interest as I don’t see enough posts by creative people working in the financial services tech industry. Written from a UX POV, the author makes the point that a creativity and innovation supporting environment needs to exist before you throw a creative into it – otherwise you won’t reap what you sow. In this case, the post is about starting the design process behind trading portals in the FX space, but the same sentiments could easily be applied to the idea of planting a social media B2B marketing person in a corporate space – the support for creative and innovative working methods needs to be in place first. 
  • Seeing into the future with Twitter – a brief history, and a new approach: This post stands out because the author has obviously covered the very recent issue of trading based on Twitter sentiment right from the beginning – his historical outline of the key events is testament to that. He also points out that the latest developments cover not sentiment-based trading, but the correlation between tweet volumes and trade volumes. His take on this space is negative but this is justified as he’s done the work to come to this justified conclusion!

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