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March 20th Fast Forward Online Summit – B2B Marketing

On March 20th B2B Marketing is offering a series of free webinars that have caught my eye. I’ve been to a few of their events and the speakers have B2B Marketing Fast Forward Summitalways been top notch (have met some great long term contacts at B2B’s events too!)

I’ll definitely be  logging on for:

‘The 5 Truths of Modern Marketing – How Marketing Automation can help you fast forward your marketing in today’s world’ on 20th March 2013 10:00am – 10:45am GMT.

The Future of Email Marketing – Actionable Insights for Today’ on 20th March 2013, 2:00pm – 2.45pm GMT.

The Evolution of the Marketing Department’ on 20th March 2013, 3:00pm – 3.45pm GMT.

You can sign up for all webinars here.

10 very simple mid-trade show digital marketing tasks

I love all things digital, but there are still times when I have to haul out the old trade show stand and “exhibit” in person. I try to attend as many of the workshops and panels as I can at a show.

However there are times when you need “man” the booth. This used to mean long hours of boredom with little or no human interaction. For me, things have now changed.

Last week I attended a trade show and I found I didn’t have a spare moment of time on my hands what with all the digital marketing I was doing in between panels. Here are ten things that kept me busy: 

1. Use your CRM to send out a campaign to delegates inviting them to your booth – Got the delegate list? Why not send them a campaign inviting them over? You might think sending marketing several days before the event is the best plan, but why not follow up with a campaign sent while you’re at the event to catch people in the moment?

2. Blog – This works best if you can attend a stream or session so that you can comment on content. If you can’t attend, get the notes from one of your team who has attended a session yet or, better yet, get them to write the blog. Timeliness is everything when it comes to blogs – blogging about the event on the day or the day after is what makes the most compelling account for your readers. Here’s an example of a blog post I wrote and published last week during a trade show. 

3. Tweet – Firstly, Continue reading 10 very simple mid-trade show digital marketing tasks

Great Meetup: Adaptive Web Design: Does Size Matter?

Last night I dropped in to the Innovation Warehouse after work to attend @DigitalPondUK’s cleverly named Meetup: Adaptive Web Design: Does Size Matter?

Why did I go?

What’s a Digital Pond Meetup? “The Digital Pond is a meetup community welcoming all those from a digital discipline wanting to learn more or build networks with others within the industry.”

Adaptive Web Design: Does Size Matter
Thursday March 1st Meetup @The Innovation Warehouse: Adaptive Web Design: Does Size Matter?

Once upon a time I was a web designer. While it’s something I’ve always maintained an interest in, as a digital marketing specialist my curiosity extends into User Experience (UX) which is specifically what this Meetup was aimed at.

I work with a few UX designers and have always been fascinated by right-brain/left-brain way they approach their work. The strict processes they develop and follow mixed with the seriously impressive creative flair they all demonstrate on a daily basis never fails to draw me in. Our office walls are decorated with some of the prettiest, most eloquent flow charts, wireframe sketches and narrative journey maps you’ll ever see.

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Social Media Week London: Feb 13-17

I’ve been tweeting about Social Media Week London (#smwldn) for the past few weeks am I’m really excited to be attending several of the events next week. If you haven’t registered with the site and selected a few of the mainly free events, it’s not too late to do so.

I hope to see you next week! PS – I’ve got two spare tickets to Twittamentary which is now sold out. Please contact me if you’d like one.

How to Fuel Your Video Content Machine and Keep it Running (Reuters Webinar)

No, I don’t work for Reuters, I promise 🙂 But today I got an invite to their next complimentary webinar and I thought it was well worth posting about. Fuel Your Video Content - Reuters Webinar

My Biggest Marketing Challenges?

I often get asked what some of my biggest marketing challenges are. Aligning sales and marketing is one that I used to often list, but these days it’s definitely all about keeping the content machine going whether it’s written content or video clips and webinars.

I find that with the extra volume expectation placed on me by social media channels, the biggest marketing challenge becomes feeding these channels with unique content. Continue reading How to Fuel Your Video Content Machine and Keep it Running (Reuters Webinar)