Think you have no time to blog? Make blogging part of your DNA

In the past, I’ve blogged about the importance of making social media a part of a company’s DNA. In this post I’d like to get a bit more specific and share some of what I’ve learned along the way in hopes that this will inspire the many people who have expressed to me the difficultyContinue reading “Think you have no time to blog? Make blogging part of your DNA”

10 very simple mid-trade show digital marketing tasks

I love all things digital, but there are still times when I have to haul out the old trade show stand and “exhibit” in person. I try to attend as many of the workshops and panels as I can at a show. However there are times when you need “man” the booth. This used toContinue reading “10 very simple mid-trade show digital marketing tasks”

This week’s best reads

1. @allanschoenberg‘s post this week on B2B Voices was definitely one of my best reads this week. Avoiding the One Cup Approach to B2B Content goes beyond simply promoting content marketing as good B2B practice and examines the need for diversity in using social media to execute on your content marketing strategy. Allan’s post works for me onContinue reading “This week’s best reads”

When NOT to use Social Media: When damage prevention is paramount

Why am I writing this post? I get asked for advice on social media a lot. I’ll admit it – I quite enjoy sitting down and hearing about people’s individual communications-based situations to assess whether social media can be of any help. However, I think it’s also important to be honest about when social mediaContinue reading “When NOT to use Social Media: When damage prevention is paramount”

This week’s best reads

The Content Matrix – On Tuesday @sharilee tweeted this link to this graphic hosted on (a good sharing facility for diagrams and other information based visuals). I thought it was  really worthwhile not only because of all the different forms of content we as B2B marketers should have on our checklists, but also because itContinue reading “This week’s best reads”

Spotlight on Content Marketing: Part III – Content marketing + social media = BFF

There are two previous parts to this series (Part I, Part II).  They both explain my thoughts on content marketing as a concept, its history and the relationship between B2B content marketing and social media. The questions that made me go hmmmmm…….. Recently, I sat on Cognito’s Breakfast Byte panel which focused on social media in B2B financialContinue reading “Spotlight on Content Marketing: Part III – Content marketing + social media = BFF”

What’s on my marketing desktop? Here’s 10:

I thought I’d kick off my “Digital Marketing Tools Review” category by sharing a list of the programs I have open and running day to day on my desktop that help me to do my job in B2B tech marketing. I will follow soon with my top ten favourite mobile apps as well as aContinue reading “What’s on my marketing desktop? Here’s 10:”