How to Fuel Your Video Content Machine and Keep it Running (Reuters Webinar)

No, I don’t work for Reuters, I promise 🙂 But today I got an invite to their next complimentary webinar and I thought it was well worth posting about. Fuel Your Video Content - Reuters Webinar

My Biggest Marketing Challenges?

I often get asked what some of my biggest marketing challenges are. Aligning sales and marketing is one that I used to often list, but these days it’s definitely all about keeping the content machine going whether it’s written content or video clips and webinars.

I find that with the extra volume expectation placed on me by social media channels, the biggest marketing challenge becomes feeding these channels with unique content.

So webinars like this are really appreciated!

Hightlights of the webinar:
• Common video myths debunked and practical tips for getting started today
• How to reimagine fresh video content from ideas and materials you’re already producing
• Why you need to create an editorial calendar for your video content and how to do it
• When to spend the money on professional production and when you should self-produce

Click here to register.

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Technology marketing specialist focussed on digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO and writing for the web.

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