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2016-02-10 17_29_26-Former Head of Marketing at Caplin Systems joins as Director of The CommsCo


Eric Schmidt is right: 2014 = the year of mobile. What should marketers do? Reply

Eric Schmidt’s predictions aren’t always spot on and even he admits he sometimes misses the boat, but given his overwhelming success in

telecoms I wasn’t about to dismiss his claim in an interview with Bloomberg TV about 2014 trends:

“The trend has been that mobile was winning,” he said. “It’s now won.”

He may have missed the boat on social media...he may have  that the majority of new TVs sold by 2012 would have Google TV on them :)

He may have missed the boat on social media…he may have said that the majority of new TVs sold by 2012 would have Google TV on them, but I do think he’s right when it comes to his prediction about mobile.

Some of the top content marketers out there think “mobile” is too general a category to  include in their 2014 marketing trends,  but I agree with Eric – 2014 is set to be the year of mobile.

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Reuters launches a new social media hub! Reply

Reuters’ new social media hub, the “Social Pulse” is well worth checking out.

Reuters Social Pulse

I’m all for social media hubs that I can visit while doing my morning RSS reading sweep, and this hub allows you not only to see what Reuters’ deems as “hot”, but also the tweets of the people Reuters’ actually *follows*.

The Facebook activity panel on the right side of the screen seems a bit out of place however, and the “Most Social CEO’s” panel isn’t really specific enough to catch my interest (CEO’s tend to write about their businesses, and like everyone, my business interests are specific).

The best feature by far has to be the Twitter directory of all of Reuters’ tweeting journalists.

Goodbye to Steve Jobs, a true marketing genius Reply

When I read about Steve Jobs death this morning (on my Liverpool Street bound train on the way to work, many hours after the news had been widely reported in the USA and beyond) I fell into a bit of a reflective mood focused on all the contributions this man has made over his years at Apple.

Switching from my BBC News app to Facebook, I saw several “RIP Steve” entries from friends and acquaintances around the world, many of which included comments such as “I don’t know what I’d do without my iPhone”.

As the happy owner of an iPhone I’d never look to trivialise it, but the posts stood out as odd to me simply because when I think of Steve Jobs, I think of quite a lot more than iPhones, iPads, or even the iMac generation of products that marked his return to Apple.

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