10 signs your company has a “blogging culture”

1. You have a multi-author blog that is contributed to widely across your organisation.

2. Senior management not only approve of the blog, but also actively encourage all employees to blog about relevant topics and to make blogging a part of day to day work.

3. When the company looks to hire new employees, their blogging and social media participation is considered a serious and relevant part of a role’s skill set.

4. When a “star blogger” decides to leave the company and take on a new opportunity, the blog does not suffer because new content is not reliant on one or two motivated individuals

5. Your blog has a mission statement defining its cause and goals, and everyone in the company agrees on that mission statement. This is reviewed regularly (amongst all relevant stakeholders in the company) to ensure it is relevant in light of what is happening in your industry and beyond.

6. The blog content is updated frequently enough to keep and build and audience, and with ease – blogging is a part of day to day work and is well integrated into daily processes.

7. When employees attend company sponsored events, they blog about them that very day – ie, what they learned and themes that emerged.

8. A once weekly blog brainstorming and action-generating meeting is well attended and led by a dedicated blog manager.

9. Senior management are willing to dedicate qualified technical resource to the development, maintenance and support of the blog.

10. Your company takes pride in the blog because the content *helps* people. When comments are generated, individual authors respond to these comments in a timely fashion to address any specific issues readers may have.

Published by Jennifer Reid

Technology marketing specialist focussed on digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO and writing for the web.

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