Why aren’t your email threads blog posts?

It’s Friday….my inbox is overflowing with mail from threads sent to large groups of people. As the email notifications flash up on my screen, I become more and more frustrated with the ever-growing size of my inbox. Finally, I tweet:

Full inbox but no blogs?

And in email, reply all:

“Don’t keep this intelligence locked in email threads….blog about it…share it with the rest of the world!”

Short on blog ideas? Check your inbox

Can you see an email thread that contains any of the following?

  • A unique, interesting or simply contentious idea
  • Supporting images, video or any other media
  • Alternative points of view – has the email generated a debate?

If any of these are present in an email thread, it’s time to ask yourself: Why is this thread confined to email, and why isn’t being produced as a blog post to add to your web based of personal brand or corporate intelligence?

When your inbox is cluttered your automatic reaction is to get annoyed. Fair enough, but what about taking a different approach? What about examining each thread and seeing which threads could have actually been material for brilliant blog posts?

Incorporating social media into your DNA

I’ve written about corporate blogging culture before and I still maintain the following: in order to be successful in the social media space, social media has *got* to be part of your DNA….in other words, it needs to be second nature.

Email will always have its purpose, but it’s important to actively consider whether it’s the best communication tool and, perhaps more importantly, whether we’re doing ourselves a disservice by keeping intelligence locked within its threads.

Published by Jennifer Reid

Technology marketing specialist focussed on digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO and writing for the web.

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