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As I say farewell, here are 10 things I’ve learned in tech marketing

Today was my last day at London-based Caplin Systems, a fintech company where I’ve spent the past (nearly) five years helping to craft and deliver messages surrounding e-distribution in the capital markets.KeepCalmAndSayGoodbye

I will really miss my tech marketing role and my colleagues at Caplin, but for me it’s an exciting time because I am moving on to a role where I get to focus almost exclusively on social media and content marketing (more about my new role tomorrow!)

As I close the chapter on nearly 15 years of B2B tech marketing in software companies, I thought I’d reflect back on some of the top lessons I’ve learned during my time as a day-to-day B2B tech marketing manager.

I could write a novel, but here are 10:

1. Technology is great, but simply telling new prospects every single thing about your technology is not the magic key to selling your technology. What you’re selling is not technology. You’re selling solutions to business problems and your marketing needs to convey that first off. There is a time and place for deep dive technical information and it’s usually much further down the selling cycle.

2. You may have really clever product names, but unless you are a very well known brand I am willing to bet that your product names will not mean that much to most people outside of your organisation. Describe your product and solution and make sure you don’t litter your press releases and award entries with too many product names. Same goes for your website. From an SEO POV, you’d be better off frequently using the commonly used category name for your offering, helping you to own that category in search results.

3. It’s all about the end user. When an end user experiences excellent electronic interaction in one area of their lives, they expect it everywhere (and they won’t hesitate to say so across a variety of forums!) Your end users are going to expect the most advanced approach and delivery because they already experience it using technologies daily. So Continue reading As I say farewell, here are 10 things I’ve learned in tech marketing