Your digital marketing campaign channel checklist

1. Your company website: the home of your digital content. Your campaign should occupy a prime location on your site. Google adwords

2. The web-based form: for more specific prospect details, make your the content in your campaign conditional – ask prospects to complete a “request for download” form.

3. Your blog: use it to promote your campaign. Are there other blogs that will feature your links?

4. Email marketing: Market to your database by using creative email marketing to point prospects to your campaign content on your website.

5. Google ads: Create a new ad to point clickers through to your campaign.

6. Press release: If the content in your campaign is suited to a press release, why not look at one of the press distribution tools such as PRWeb?

7. Twitter: Tweet daily, schedule tweets, auto-respond…the list goes on.

6. StumbleUpon: Remember to “stumble” links to your campaign.

8. LinkedIn: Update your company pages with links to the new campaign, and post links to relevant LinkedIn groups. Make use of LinkedIn ads. Same goes for Google+ and Facebook – if these channels are relevant to your universe of prospects, you should be updating these channels with links to your campaign.

9. Youtube & Vimeo: Is your campaign based on video or audio content? These channels are great for hosting and distributing your video & audio content. If your campaign is not a video or an audio file….could it be converted into these formats and marketed this way?

10. Interlinking: Remember to interlink old and new web content to your campaign.

Published by Jennifer Reid

Technology marketing specialist focussed on digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO and writing for the web.

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