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I had a PR Moment

I was in good company this week when I was asked to comment by PR Moment on “PR Stunts that work:” I didn’t have much to say about stunts, but I comment on how to make statements that get noticed:

Jennifer Reid, director at agency TheCommsCo says: “Nobody needs to shout. Concise, CommentsInPRMomentcompelling statements made by confident spokespeople are key. It’s about letting the content, the brand and a strong representative all live in that same first sentence. It’s also key to differentiate, as the message will get lost if it’s the same one that people have heard time and time again. Representing the brand with new, unique or even controversial statements can be very effective as long as everything is backed up by good research.

March 20th Fast Forward Online Summit – B2B Marketing

On March 20th B2B Marketing is offering a series of free webinars that have caught my eye. I’ve been to a few of their events and the speakers have B2B Marketing Fast Forward Summitalways been top notch (have met some great long term contacts at B2B’s events too!)

I’ll definitely be  logging on for:

‘The 5 Truths of Modern Marketing – How Marketing Automation can help you fast forward your marketing in today’s world’ on 20th March 2013 10:00am – 10:45am GMT.

The Future of Email Marketing – Actionable Insights for Today’ on 20th March 2013, 2:00pm – 2.45pm GMT.

The Evolution of the Marketing Department’ on 20th March 2013, 3:00pm – 3.45pm GMT.

You can sign up for all webinars here.

The top excuse for a lapse in blogging is……

A new baby 😮

Our little Ava was born 8 weeks early and had to spend a week in the NICU followed by two weeks in the special care baby unit at Homerton Hospital in London.

She is still three weeks away from her due date but is now home and keeping both of her parents up around the clock…we are sleepless but head over heels 😮

“Normality” as I know it has changed, but I aim to get back to a more frequent blogging schedule from here on in.

Latest changes to LinkedIn’s Privacy Settings

Don’t want LinkedIn to use your name and picture in their advertisements? Follow the instructions in the LinkedIn mail I received from a colleague today:


Date: 1/30/2012

Subject: FW: LinkedIn changes privacy settings

On 01/29/12 5:46 PM, wrote:
Dear all,

I received the following message from a contact and I am forwarding it for your awareness and consideration.

Without attracting too much publicity, LinkedIn has updated their privacy conditions. Without any action from your side, LinkedIn is now permitted to use you name and picture in any of their advertisements.
(See ch. 2 of their privacy policy: )

Some simple actions to be considered: Continue reading Latest changes to LinkedIn’s Privacy Settings