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I’m a long time London-based former Vancouverite who specialises in all aspects of digital marketing including social media based marketing, email marketing & CRM strategy, marketing automation, SEO and website project management.

With a BFA in Writing (hons, class of 2000) from the University of Victoria (British Columbia, Canada) I began my career as a writer and web designer. I also spent some time working as a technical author before focusing fully on tech marketing.

In 2006,  I began my Masters in Communications at the University of Westminster in London. Beginning the course coincided with my move into full-time tech marketing as an EMEA marketing manager.

The course complimented my day to day marketing work which, from the very beginning, had a strong digital focus. I decided to make the study of emerging social media my main research focus.

My dedicated interest in social media research began in 2007 with the Obama campaign and its strong use of social media. I established my dissertation topic as “Has Web 2.0 enabled social media globalised American politics?” and began my social research around the various social media tools the campaign had used, and the others the world had begun to use to share (and ultimately gobalise) the election.

Social media remains my passion. I use it daily in my continued full time tech marketing work. I am continually fascinated not only by the commercial possibilities, but also by its capacity to influence social change and both the historical similarities it shares with other media. I spend a lot of time considering new ways to shape, streamline and improve communication via social media.

I call myself a digital marketing specialist because while I love social media, I think it is important to consider the full digital marketing mix. And so in this blog, I also write about email marketing, CRM strategy, marketing automation, SEO and website project management and the various digital marketing tools that I encounter on a day to day basis.

I hope you enjoy my blog. If you like (or dislike for that matter!) a post, please feel free to comment. If you’d like to get in touch, please fill in the form below, or connect with me on LinkedIn.


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